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Re: will openacc 2.0 be merged into trunk?

When you said "Codesoucery", do you mean the core gcc release team who
is in charge to decide what goes into the trunk, or do you mean the
software called "Codesourcery":

In any case, the people in charge of the gomp-4.0_branch need to
approach the gcc release team *immediately* and explain why openacc is
essential for gcc 5, and why openacc is ready to merge into the trunk.
We need timely intervention from the gcc release team to ensure
openacc makes it to gcc 5

On Fri, Jan 9, 2015 at 10:09 PM, Tobias Burnus
<> wrote:
> Hi Mark,
> Mark Farnell wrote:
>> Currently, OpenACC 2.0 is in gomp-4_0-branch, but this email:
>> says that gcc 5.0 will enter stage 4 on Friday 16th January, and from
>> hat point onward, only bug fixing patches will be accepted.
>> So will gomp-4_0-branch be able to be merged into the trunk before
>> Friday 16 January?
> Good question. It really depends how quickly Codesourcery is. The hope is
> that they will manage, but who knows. I think there is a 50% chance. If they
> have posted something nearly ready for Friday 16, it still could go in a bit
> after Friday (e.g. the following Monday/Tuesday), but they really have to
> get active!
> If not, it will have to wait for GCC 6, which would be a pitty.
> Tobias,
> who is only responsible for the Fortran part of GCC (but not for OpenACC,
> except for Fortran patch review) - but who is also eager to get the
> OpenACC/PTX-offloading support in.

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