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Re: Cross compiling and multiple sysroot question

On Thu, 8 Jan 2015, Steve Ellcey  wrote:

> So I set these macros and SPECs:
> 	# m32 and be are defaults
> 	MULTILIB_OPTIONS = m64 mel		   # In makefile fragment
> 	MULTILIB_DIRNAMES = 64 el		   # In makefile fragment
> 	MULTILIB_OSDIRNAMES = m64=../lib64	   # In makefile fragment

In my experience, for such cases it's best to list all multilibs 
explicitly in MULTILIB_OSDIRNAMES, and then to specify 
STARTFILE_PREFIX_SPEC as well along the lines of:

#define STARTFILE_PREFIX_SPEC                           \
  "%{mabi=32: /usr/local/lib/ /lib/ /usr/lib/}          \
   %{mabi=n32: /usr/local/lib32/ /lib32/ /usr/lib32/}   \
   %{mabi=64: /usr/local/lib64/ /lib64/ /usr/lib64/}"

MULTILIB_OSDIRNAMES provides directory names used in two ways: relative to 
$target/lib/ in the GCC installation, and relative to lib/ and usr/lib/ in 
a sysroot.  For the latter, we want names such as plain ../lib64, but 
these cannot be used outside the sysroot because different multilibs would 
be mapped to the same directory.  Directories are searched both with and 
without the multilib suffix, so it suffices if the directory without the 
suffix is correct within the sysroot while the directory with the suffix 
doesn't exist.  STARTFILE_PREFIX_SPEC is used to ensure that a correct 
unsuffixed directory is searched (instead of just lib/, usr/lib/ and those 
with the full name from MULTILIB_OSDIRNAMES appended) within the sysroot.

> But when it looks for or it is searching:
> 	<install-dir>/<target-name>/lib		   # 32 bits
> 	<install_dir>/<target-name>/lib/../lib64   # 64 bits
> It does not take into account SYSROOT_SUFFIX_SPEC.  In fact when I
> do my build with this setup the little-endian files wind
> up overwriting the big-endian files so two of my
> files are completely missing from the install area.

GCC never installs anything inside the sysroot (it could be a read-only 
mount of the target's root filesystem, for example).  Listing all 
multilibs explicitly (multilib=dir or multilib=!dir) in 
MULTILIB_OSDIRNAMES allows you to ensure they don't overwrite each other.

Joseph S. Myers

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