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Invitation to The Hazelton Hotel Employment Programmer Canada

The Hazelton Hotel Toronto Canada,
118 Yorkville Ave, Toronto,
ON M5R 1C4, Canada
Tel: +14163526120
Fax: +14163521934

Good day,
Sir / Madam.

This is an Invitation mail from Hazelton Hotel Toronto. The Hazelton Hotel Management is using this media to inform you an open Employment Opportunity that is going - on with the Hazelton Hotel Toronto, We invite you both men and women, married and not married can write an application to join our professional employment programmer. At the Hazelton Hotel Toronto, we take great pride in respecting every employee as an individual and our objective is to foster an environment that is challenging, rewarding and provides an opportunity for both professional and personal growth. The Hazelton Hotel will be responsible for employee?s air flight ticket(s) from your Country to Canada, Accommodation / Feeding & Medical facility are free for you as a staff of Hazelton Hotel Toronto. If you are interested to join our professional employment programmer, kindly contact the contact us through office email: and the Hazelton Hotel Jobs Available Position will be sent to you immediately.

Hotel Management
The Hazelton Hotel Toronto

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