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Re: Regular darwin builds

Hi FX,

On 15 Dec 2014, at 21:11, FX wrote:

> Hi all,
> I’ve set up daily builds and regtests on a darwin box. The results should appear directly on gcc-testresults (
> This should, in the future, help track down regressions affecting darwin (PIC-related, in particular!)


If you want me to build a bootstrap compiler including Ada - then let me know (I am sure that a darwin13 4.9 Ada compiler should be suitable for bootstrapping trunk on darwin14).  I can make the most-stripped-down possible (c,c++,ada) and upload it wherever we can find some common space.

> The hardware is new, the OS is the latest and greatest (x86_64-apple-darwin14), and will be updated to keep it that way. However, it’s not very powerful (it’s a Mac Mini). Bootstrap (C, C++, Obj-C, Obj-C++, Fortran, Java, LTO) takes about 2 hours, regtesting both 32 and 64-bit takes a bit over 3 hours.

My 1-year-old mac mini with 16G of RAM takes (on darwin13) ~ 74mins for all langs including Ada, so memory is possibly the determining factor (unless we have some slow-down with darwin14 :( ).

> I plan to schedule it for:
>  - daily bootstrap + regtest of trunk
>  - weekly bootstrap of latest release branch (currently 4.9)
> If you have other ideas, I’m open to suggestions.

I wonder if we can cook up an incremental build scheme, that tries to do every commit that doesn't touch config files.

Also, if/when I get some ns (hopefully over the holiday period things might calm down enough) I'll push my WIP branches and prototype GAS ports to github (and some of the patches to the list).  Dunno if you would consider it worth building the "vendor branch" for 4.9 once in a while.


One of my colleagues got his hands on two G5s and I made up some darwin9 boot disks for him - we might well try to resurrect a powerpc-darwin9 build-bot (shared between GCC and LLVM, since we have ports for both to test).

My machines are always running at capacity just testing patched branches, so not much use for this kind of stuff.

cheers and thanks for the work!

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