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Re: How is libtool updated in GCC?

On Tue, 11 Nov 2014, FX wrote:

> > If you import rather than selectively merging one change you need (I 
> > think) to revert libtool commit 3334f7ed5851ef1e96b052f2984c4acdbf39e20c 
> > (incompatible with GCC handling of sysroots), as well as updating all 
> > three relevant repositories (GCC, binutils-gdb, src - I'm not sure if 
> > anything in binutils-gdb actually uses libtool but it has the files at 
> > toplevel).
> So Iâve actually chosen to avoid the mess and selectly merge the one 
> change that we need. Looking at the history of libtool.m4 in our tree, 
> it looks like others have done that in the past, too.
> Thanks for the feedback. On the src repository, is it documented 
> somewhere how to change it? (I have probably done it in the past, but 
> donât remember)

The src repository in this context is about newlib / libgloss.  Update the 
shared files, regenerate affected files in subdirectories with whatever 
version of auto* was previously used (which may not be fully consistent 

Joseph S. Myers

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