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Re: GCC 5.0 Status Report (2014-11-03), Stage 1 ends Nov 15th

> What else have been people working
> on and can get posted for review before stage1 closes?
> As before, when new features are posted for review during stage 1 and only
> acked early during stage 3, they can still be accepted for GCC 5.

This patch:

is pending review and will allow two things:

1) Converting a lot of Fortran diagnostics to use the common
diagnostics machinery.

2) More precise locations within strings:
(I have a semi-tested patch, but it needs more work).

In addition, this patch:

is waiting for feedback:

As I said here:

"Despite the heroic, constant torrent of diagnostic fixes by Paolo,
Marek and others, I have not seen much progress on the key
infrastructure issues in the roadmap
( We have had at least
one major item per release since GCC 4.5, but I don't see any
particular item being tackled for GCC 5.0."

Having initial support for fix-it hints in GCC 5.0 would be nice.
Future versions of, for example, Emacs, could already make use of the
fix-it hints to automatically apply fixes, even if the number of hints
we give in GCC 5.0 is very limited.

Finally, there are patches from new contributors waiting for feedback:



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