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Re: common subexpression elimination no longer working for asm()?

On Wed, Oct 22, 2014 at 04:28:52PM +0100, Jan Beulich wrote:
> I noticed the issue with 4.9.1 (in that x86 Linux'es
> this_cpu_read_stable() no longer does what the comment preceding
> its definition promises), and the example below demonstrates this in
> a simplified (but contrived) way. I just now verified that trunk has
> the same issue; 4.8.3 still folds redundant ones as expected. Is this
> known, or possibly even intended (in which case I'd be curious as to
> what the reasons are, and how the functionality Linux wants can be
> gained back)?

This changed because of my fix.
In your testcase the inline asm doesn't have more than one output
(which IMNSHO is very much desirable not to CSE), and doesn't have explicit
clobbers either, but happens to have implicit clobbers (fprs and cc),
so CSE still could generate invalid code out of that without the fix
(if it decided to materialize the inline asm somewhere, instead of reusing
existing inline asm).
So, if we e.g. weakened the PR60663 fix so that it only bails out
if the inline asm contains more than one output. we'd need to fix up CSE, so
that it analyzes all the clobbers and doesn't consider asms as equivalent
just based on the ASM_OPERANDS, it needs to have the same clobbers too,
and either doesn't try to materialize it out without preexisting insn
if it has any clobbers.

Feel free to file a PR about this.


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