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Re: Tags out of gcc

Well it seems to be able to report a lot of syntax errors even if
they're close together, so it must be getting back on its feet fairly
quickly. I don't know how that works. Maybe it just scoots along to
the next semicolon or maybe you explicitly have productions like "if
(syntax error) { ... }".

What I also don't know is what the parser outputs if there's an error.
Can it say "he tried to define bool foo() at line 123 but the body was
erroneous", or does it just stdout the error message and forget there
was ever an attempt to define foo?

On 4 October 2014 18:17, Richard Kenner <> wrote:
>> I reckon it's a bad idea to make source browsing info with a separate
>> program like cscope or etags. I reckon it's the compiler's job.
> One of the issues with soure browsing is that you want to be able to do
> it in the presence of syntax errors.  That can make it harder for the
> compiler to do it since it's usually not doing a robust parse in the
> presense of errors.

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