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MULTILIB_OSDIRNAMES mapping question

I have a question about MULTILIB_OSDIRNAMES and about specifying a
mapping in this variable.

According to fragments.texi:

  When it is a set of mappings of the form @var{gccdir}=@var{osdir},
  the left side gives the GCC convention and the right gives the
  equivalent OS defined location.

But when I try this it doesn't seem to work for me and if I am reading
the config/i386/t-linux64 file correctly it looks like instead of
having a mapping from one of the MULTILIB_DIRNAMES entries, which
is what I expected, it seems to map from the MULTILIB_OPTIONS instead.
I.e.  The @var{gccdir} entries in config/i386/t-linux64 start with an
'm' like the options do, but which is not part of the GCC directory names.

So is the documentation wrong, or am I misreading it, or is the code
wrong?  I would actually like the code to match the existing documentation
because on mips the ABI options contain equal signs (-mabi=32, -mabi=64) so
it would be hard/confusing to map an option to a directory when the
option itself contains an equal sign.

Steve Ellcey

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