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cgraph_node::verify - quite strong condition that was met by IPA-ICF


I've been finalizing IPA ICF testing process and I met a condition for lto-bootstrap, where cgraph_node::verify encounters error:

In WPA, I prove that gen_vec_initv16qi can be merged with gen_vec_initv2sf. In the following case, ale local calls are redirected:

      while (alias->callers)
      cgraph_edge *e = alias->callers;
      e->redirect_callee (local_original);
      push_cfun (DECL_STRUCT_FUNCTION (e->caller->decl));

      if (e->call_stmt)
        e->redirect_call_stmt_to_callee ();

      pop_cfun ();
      redirected = true;

To be more precise, the modification play role in WPA, where e->call_stmt == NULL (bodies are not loaded).
And a LTRANS produces following error:

In function âgen_rotlv16qi3â:
lto1: error: edge points to wrong declaration:
 <function_decl 0x7fe495b381b0 gen_vec_initv2sf
 Instead of: <function_decl 0x7fe495eaed80 gen_vec_initv16qi

As I talked to Martin Jambor, problematic BT:
#0 cgraph_node::verify_node (this=0x7ffff483b5e0) at ../../gcc/cgraph.c:2837 #1 0x00000000006d5a40 in symtab_node::verify (this=0x7ffff483b5e0) at ../../gcc/symtab.c:1158 #2 0x0000000000b00c7c in expand_call_inline (bb=0x7ffff2875340, stmt=0x7ffff2870990, id=0x7fffffffda70) at ../../gcc/tree-inline.c:4234 #3 0x0000000000b018a3 in gimple_expand_calls_inline (bb=0x7ffff2875340, id=0x7fffffffda70) at ../../gcc/tree-inline.c:4522 #4 0x0000000000b01e69 in optimize_inline_calls (fn=0x7ffff624a870) at ../../gcc/tree-inline.c:4663

Checking code is called from tree_inline, where checking is called right after: cg_edge->callee->get_body (); That means, no redirect_call_stmt_to_callee () hasn't been called for the edge.

Possible solutions:
1) We can call get_body in WPA for each caller I do a redirection. So that, call_stmt is fixed for the edge. (ugly solution)
2) We can somehow fix edges in tree_inline, I tried:

  cg_edge->callee->get_body ();

  if (cg_edge->callee->decl != id->dst_node->decl)
    xxx = cg_edge->callee->callees;
      push_cfun (DECL_STRUCT_FUNCTION (cg_edge->callee->decl));
      xxx->redirect_call_stmt_to_callee ();
      pop_cfun ();
      xxx = xxx->next_callee;

    cg_edge->callee->verify ();

But there's an ICE:
 0x82e03e gsi_start_bb
0x82f3f2 gsi_for_stmt(gimple_statement_base*)
0x6dcb1e cgraph_edge::redirect_call_stmt_to_callee()

3) We can somehow reduce checking code or remove this sub-condition?

Thank you,

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