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Re: [GSoC] Status - 20140901 FINAL

> Hi Community!
> Google Summer of Code 2014 has come to an end.  We've got some very good results this year -- with code from 4 out of 5 projects checked in to either GCC trunk or topic branch.  Congratulations to students and mentors for their great work!
> Even more impressive is the fact that [according to student self-evaluations] most of the students intend to continue GCC development outside of the program.
> I encourage both mentors and students to echo their feedback about GCC's GSoC in this thread.  The evaluations you posted on the GSoC website is visible to only a few people, and there are good comments and thoughts there that deserve a wider audience.

I participated in GSoC 2014, working on ÂIntegration of ISL code
generator into GraphiteÂ. I would like to thank Tobias Grosser,
Richard Biener, Maxim Kuvyrkov and gcc community for your advices,
ideas, comments, reviews and the opportunity to work on this project!

You can find the description of the project on the following link

Iâm very happy to announce that all the required deliverables from my
proposal were implemented: ÂGraphite must become fully independent of
CLooG library", "GCC should be able to bootstrap",  "Pass regression
tests", "Add new tests to testsuiteÂ.

It also should be noted that the number of code lines decreased by
41.42 per cent compared with the previous  version of generator. The
amount of comments account for 20.6349 per cent of the text of the
generator (by comparison, this number is 15,8073 for the previous

Iâm planning to continue working on this project. We have the
following goals: 1) Finish the computation of types (in case of
completion of its integration into ISL).  2) Profile the generator. 3)
Make execution-time and compile-time performance comparisons between
CLooG and ISL code generation in Graphite. 4) Use the full/partial
tile separation for the tiles generated by the isl scheduler.

                                    Cheers, Roman Gareev.

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