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Re: [PATCH] gcc parallel make check

On 09/22/2014 11:26 AM, Jakub Jelinek wrote:
On Mon, Sep 22, 2014 at 11:21:14AM -0400, Jason Merrill wrote:
If I say 'rgt dg.exp=var-templ1.C' the actual test results are lost in the
explosion of shell verbosity.  Could we add some '@'s to more of the rules,

I've been considering that too, but not sure what info people find valuable
and what they don't.

I don't see much information in the ~128 repetitions of the check-parallel rules with different numbers; the actual runtest command is the same in all of them. Adding @ to all of the commands of the check-parallel-% rule makes things much better for me:

diff --git a/gcc/ b/gcc/
index 6f251a5..be4c840 100644
--- a/gcc/
+++ b/gcc/
@@ -3674,10 +3674,10 @@ $(lang_checks_parallelized): check-% : site.exp
 check-parallel-% : site.exp
-	-test -d plugin || mkdir plugin
-	-test -d $(TESTSUITEDIR) || mkdir $(TESTSUITEDIR)
-	test -d $(TESTSUITEDIR)/$(check_p_subdir) || mkdir $(TESTSUITEDIR)/$(check_p_subdir)
-	-(rootme=`${PWD_COMMAND}`; export rootme; \
+	-@test -d plugin || mkdir plugin
+	-@test -d $(TESTSUITEDIR) || mkdir $(TESTSUITEDIR)
+	@test -d $(TESTSUITEDIR)/$(check_p_subdir) || mkdir $(TESTSUITEDIR)/$(check_p_subdir)
+	-@(rootme=`${PWD_COMMAND}`; export rootme; \
 	srcdir=`cd ${srcdir}; ${PWD_COMMAND}` ; export srcdir ; \
 	if [ -n "$(check_p_subno)" ] \
 	   && [ -n "$$GCC_RUNTEST_PARALLELIZE_DIR" ] \

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