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Make name+email address cut'n'paste-able (was: Listing a maintainer for libcilkrts, and GCC's Cilk Plus implementation generally?)

On Mon, 2014-09-22 16:06:21 +0200, Thomas Schwinge <> wrote:
> As has been noted before,
> <>,
> GCC's MAINTAINERS file does not list a maintainer for libcilkrts, or
> GCC's Cilk Plus implementation generally.  Shouldn't it?  I regularely
> consult this file when reporting issues in specific parts of the GCC code
> base.

While we're at it...

  I consult that file as well, even quite often for preparing Build
Robot emails. There's another usability enhancement: I'd like to
propose to put all email addresses between '<' and '>', which would
quite ease cut'n'past-ability.  What's your oppinion on that? Should I
prepare a patch?


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