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Re: [RFC] Add asm constraint modifier to mark strict memory accesses

On 09/18/2014 09:33 PM, Dmitry Vyukov wrote:
What is the number of cases it will fix for kasan?

Re-added kernel people again.

AFAIR silly instrumentation that assumed all memory accesses in inline asm are must-accesses (instead of may-accesses) resulted in only one false positive. We haven't performed an extensive testing though.

It won't fix the memchr function because the size is indeed not known
statically. So it's a bad example.

Sure, we will _not_ be able to instrument memchr. But being able to identify "safe" inline asms would allow us to instrument those (and my gut feeling is that they are a vast majority).

My impression was that kernel has relatively small amount of assembly,

$ grep -r '"[=+]\?[moVv<>]" *(' ~/src/linux-stable/ | wc -l

And also
$ grep -r '"[=+]\?[moVv<>]" *(' ~/src/ffmpeg-2.2.2/ | wc -l

> And the rest is just not interesting enough.

Now that may be the case. But how do we know without trying?


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