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[RFC] Add asm constraint modifier to mark strict memory accesses

Hi all,

Current semantics of memory constraints in GCC inline asm (i.e. "m", "v", etc.) is somewhat loosy in that it tells GCC that asm code _may_ access given amount of bytes but is not guaranteed to do so. This is (ab)used by e.g. glibc (and also some pieces of kernel):
__rawmemchr (const void *__s, int __c)
  __asm__ __volatile__
     "repne; scasb\n\t"
       "m" ( *(struct { char __x[0xfffffff]; } *)__s)

Imprecise size specification prevents code analysis tools from understanding semantics of inline asm (without parsing inline asm instructions which e.g. Asan in Clang tries to do). In particular we can't automatically instrument inline asm in kernel with Kasan because we can not determine exact access size (see e.g. discussion in

Would it make sense to add another constraint modifier (like "=", "&", etc.) that would tell compiler/tool that memory access in asm is _guaranteed_ to have the specified size?


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