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Re: [PATCH] gcc parallel make check

On 11.09.2014 20:33, VandeVondele Joost wrote:
>For PR56408 we need some fix.
BTW, is there anything special about Fortran ? There are at least 180 test files that contain 'dg-additional-sources' some in a very non-local way:

Well, the question is what you want to do with the different files. If you just want to compile them, e.g. for linking or executing, you are fine. However, with Fortran module's there is a .mod file produced – which gives an ordering constraint: The file with the module has to be compiled first before the other file can be compiled. (If one puts the module into the same file, one has effectively one translation unit and some bugs do not pop up in this case.)

The current scheme comes at its limits in that case. Mainly because the file specified in dg-additional-sources is compiled after the one in which this line is written. That can be fine for linking/run-time tests, where one disables the by-itself compilation of the second file - and puts the module into the first file. However, as soon as one wants to do more, e.g. dg-error/dg-warning output, checking the dump/assembler etc., one is in trouble. See the files listed in the PR for issues.

By contrast, for C/C++, one has a header file which is included by the preprocessor (hence before the compiler), thus, there is no ordering issue as no compiler input is generated. I don't know whether one could run into issues with precompiled header files - but there on has at least the different name *.h/*.hpp and *.c/.cc. I don't know about Ada or C++'s upcoming ISO-version of precompiled headers ("modules"), maybe there one runs into similar issues?

See the PR for some attempts to fix it.


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