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RE: [PATCH] gcc parallel make check

> Here is a patch I'm testing now:

Hi Jakub,

I also tested your patch to compare timings vs a newer patch (v8) I'll send soon

== patch v8 == make -j32 -k ==
check-fortran   4m58.178s
check-c++     ~10m
check-c       ~10m
check          15m29.873s

== patch Jakub
check-c++     ~20m
check-fortran   3m31.237s 
check-c         8m8

on the positive side, your patch provides a further speedup e.g. fortran and c testing (where it splits things nicely). The libstdc++ bottleneck is not solved, but I guess that is expected.

As you have presumably found as well, your patch introduces a number failures, because some tests seem to have additional dependencies, either explicit or implicit:

e.g. in gfortran.dg/binding_label_tests_10_main.f03
! { dg-do compile }
! This file must be compiled AFTER binding_label_tests_10.f03, which it 
! should be because dejagnu will sort the files.
module binding_label_tests_10_main

in gfortran.dg/class_45b.f03 
! { dg-do link }
! { dg-additional-sources class_45a.f03 }

This could clearly trigger as well in the current scheme of splitting, only we have been lucky that dependencies seem to be 'well behaved' in having the same initial letter in the filename.


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