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RE: [PATCH] RE: gcc parallel make check


> First of all, the -j2 testing shows more tests tested in gcc and libstdc++:
>-# of expected passes           10133
>+# of expected passes           10152
>+PASS: 23_containers/set/modifiers/erase/ (test for excess errors)
>Not sure where the bug is, could be e.g. in i386.exp for gcc, but for
>libstdc++ less likely to be there rather than in the split.

I looked into this, and believe this problem is already in current trunk, and not due to my patch. I.e. unmodified trunk also has these tests executed several times:

libstdc++-v3/testsuite/normal4/libstdc++.log.sep:PASS: 23_containers/map/modifiers/erase/
libstdc++-v3/testsuite/normal1/libstdc++.log.sep:PASS: 23_containers/map/modifiers/erase/

 I believe the current trunk pattern could indeed match those twice ( in trunk):
 	  normal1) \
	    dirs="`cd $$srcdir; echo [ab]* de* [ep]*/*`";; \
 	  normal4) \
	    dirs="`cd $$srcdir; echo 23_*/[a-km-tw-z]*`";; \

could it be that the pattern in normal1 should have been '[ab]*/ de*/ [ep]*/*' ?


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