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Re: [PATCH] RE: gcc parallel make check

On Tue, Sep 09, 2014 at 10:57:09AM +0000, VandeVondele  Joost wrote:
> > No.  As I wrote earlier, splitting on filenames and test counts only is only
> > very rough split, all the splits really need to be backed out by real timing
> > data from popular targets.  
> Furthermore, for parallel performance, it is not
> so important that times are distributed evenly (it is anyway unlikely the
> number of goals is exactly divided by N of -jN), but rather that the goals
> are ordered (executed) from slow to fast (similar to omp schedule guided). 
> Most of the real bottlenecks are single letter patterns (e.g.  p* since
> prxxxx is such a common filename), and this is ultimately limiting.

I disagree.  If e.g. in gcc.dg/ more than a third of testcases are pr*.c,
then running dg.exp=p* in one job and dg.exp=a* in another one etc. is
simply a bad idea, the pr*.c should be split more and some other letters
just be done together.

Even that can be done semi-automatically.

If you get whitespace right, one can provide multiple different wildcards to
a single *.exp file, e.g.
make check-gcc RUNTESTFLAGS="dg.exp='p[0-9A-Za-qs-z]* pr[9A-Za-z]*'" should
cover all tests starting with p other than pr[0-8]*.c (where you could split
say pr[0-2]* into another job, pr[3-5]* into another and pr[6-8]* into

The fact that some check-gcc or check-gfortran test job is early in the list
doesn't mean it will be started early, you need to consider also all other
potentially long jobs like check-g++, check-target-libgomp,
check-target-libstdc++-v3 etc.


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