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Re: gcc parallel make check

On Wed, Sep 03, 2014 at 10:35:41AM +0000, VandeVondele  Joost wrote:
> >> expect -- /usr/share/dejagnu/runtest.exp --tool gcc lto.exp weak.exp tls.exp ipa.exp tree-ssa.exp debug.exp >dwarf2.exp fixed-point.exp vxworks.exp cilk-plus.exp vmx.exp pch.exp simulate-thread.exp x86_64-costmodel-vect.exp i386-costmodel-vect.exp spu-costmodel-vect.exp ppc-costmodel-vect.exp charset.exp noncompile.exp tsan.exp graphite.exp compat.exp
> >> expect -- /usr/share/dejagnu/runtest.exp --tool g++ lto.exp tls.exp gcov.exp debug.exp dwarf2.exp cilk-plus.exp pch.exp bprob.exp simulate-thread.exp vect.exp charset.exp tsan.exp graphite.exp compat.exp struct-layout-1.exp ubsan.exp tm.exp gomp.exp dfp.exp tree-prof.exp stackalign.exp plugin.exp guality.exp asan.exp ecos.exp
> >>
> >> so can those be run more independently ?
> >It is a moving target, new tests are added every day.  I'm trying to adjust
> >it during stage3/stage4 occassionally, but it also very much depends on
> >which target it is (e.g. i?86/x86_64 has many more tests in i386.exp then
> >other targets in their, how fast the compiler is on the target
> >(e.g. on some targets -g is much slower than on others, etc.).
> could you point me to the right file (or example commit) for trying to adjust this ? I can try to do some testing and come back with some numbers.

The splits are in the Makefiles, see check_gcc_parallelize
var in gcc/ (where there is a big comment with documentation),
check_g++_parallelize var in gcc/cp/, check_gfortran_parallelize
var in gcc/fortran/, or check-DEJAGNU goal in


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