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New anti-spam extension enabled on GCC Bugzilla


I just enabled an extension on GCC Bugzilla which automatically disables
reporter's account if their bugs are marked as INVALID and are in the
'spam' component. So if you have enough privileges on GCC Bugzilla to
close a bug as INVALID and to move it in the 'spam' component (in the
'gcc' product), you can help disabling these user accounts. It doesn't
matter if the bug is closed as RESOLVED or CLOSED. What matters is the
INVALID resolution. Note that you won't see any notification that the
account has been disabled. That's expected. :)

I re-enabled user account creation a few minutes ago, and already 2 new
accounts have been created. Both are spammers. I have disabled them already.

Note that my extension only disables reporters. It doesn't disable
commenters who are also spammers (because we have no way to mark a
comment as spam yet. This feature will come with Bugzilla 5.0). For
them, admins will have to disable these accounts manually:

You type the email address of the user you want to find, then click on
it and type some text in the "Disable text" field. You can also click
the "Bugmail Disabled" checkbox to prevent the spammer from getting any
new bugmail. Do not forget to click the "Save Changes" once you are done.

Good luck!


PS: Do not hesitate to email me if there is something wrong with my

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