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Re: Turning a single warning into an error in dejagnu test

On Wed, Aug 27, 2014 at 10:59:40AM +0100, Dominik Vogt wrote:
> I'm writing a dejagnu test and encounter this warning at one place:
>   warning: passing argument 1 of '...' makes integer from pointer
>   without a cast [enabled by default]
> Now, I have a "{ dg-error ... }" comment in that line.  The line
> is generated from a script among hundreds of others that are all
> expected to produce errors, not warnings.  It would be very
> inconvenient (= lots of work) to change the script to make an
> exception just for that single line (because there's no easy way
> to identify lines that produce the warning instead of an error).
> So the question is:  Is it possible to turn only this one warning
> into an error inside a dejagnu test?  As I understand it, there
> are no -W... switches for "enabled by default" options, and I
> cannot use -Werror because that would break other tests in the
> file.

For C, I recently added the -Wint-conversion option, so with recent
enough GCC you should be able to use -Werror=int-conversion.


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