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Re: "Parallel" mode iterators

2014-08-21 11:39 GMT+04:00 Dominik Vogt <>:
> One can define mode iterators for
>   (define_mode_iterator ITER1 [DI SI HI])
>   (define_mode_iterator ITER2 [SI HI QI])
> Is it possible to write something like this:
>   (define_insn "foo<mode>"
>     [(set (match_operand:ITER1 0 ...)
>      ...
>             [(match_operand:ITER1 1 ...)
>              (match_operand:ITER2 2 ...)]
>      ...
> so that the pattern is copied only for the combinations DI-SI,
> SI-HI and HI-QI, not for all nine combinations of the two
> iterators?  (Or is there another way to get mode of the second
> argument depending on the first argument?)

Look at ssehalfvecmode in i386/

(define_mode_attr ssehalfvecmode
  [(V64QI "V32QI") (V32HI "V16HI") (V16SI "V8SI") (V8DI "V4DI")
   (V32QI "V16QI") (V16HI  "V8HI") (V8SI  "V4SI") (V4DI "V2DI")
   (V16QI  "V8QI") (V8HI   "V4HI") (V4SI  "V2SI")
   (V16SF "V8SF") (V8DF "V4DF")
   (V8SF  "V4SF") (V4DF "V2DF")
   (V4SF  "V2SF")])

(define_expand "avx_vextractf128<mode>"
  [(match_operand:<ssehalfvecmode> 0 "nonimmediate_operand")
   (match_operand:V_256 1 "register_operand")
   (match_operand:SI 2 "const_0_to_1_operand")]

  -- Ilya

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