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Re: What are open tasks about GIMPLE loop optimizations?

> *From:* Evgeniya Maenkova <>
> *Sent:* Friday, August 15, 2014 4:45PM
> *To:*
> *Subject:* What are open tasks about GIMPLE loop optimizations?
> Dear GCC Developers,
> Nobody answers my question below, so perhaps something wrong with my email
> :)

Starting as a newbie in GCC requires a lot of self-motivation. The
general answer to your question is to try. If something is wrong or
not what the GCC devs want, don't worry they will tell you.

See also the general advice here on how to interact with the GCC

I would say your email falls into: "too long", "too general", "not
specific question", "not aimed at anyone in particular". :-)

For newbie tasks, the Summer of Code page has many ideas, some of them
with specific contact persons:

See also the links under "Getting Started with GCC Development" at

And also

I would suggest to start fixing bug in the areas that interest you. If
you search in GCC's bugzilla, there must be plenty of bugs about
anything you can imagine. Even if you don't fix it, analyzing it would
be already helpful for you (to learn how to debug GCC, modify it and
rebuild) and for us to save us time.

Once you get enough knowledge, you will also get ideas of what
features are actually missing or could be improved.



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