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[GNU Tools Cauldron 2014] libabigail

    I have written notes for "libabigail - Towards Better ABI
compatibility checking" presented at Cauldron. I would be
grateful if you would review it for me.

libabigail - Towards Better ABI compatibility checking

Author: Dodji Seketeli

   libabigail (Library for ABI generic analysis and
instrumentation) offers for ABI compatibility checking and
reporting differences between two versions of a given library,
and provide an API for tools that want to build on it's
capabilities. The talk presents work done on libabigail since it's
introduction at Cauldron 2013, and future directions, the project
will take. A first official release is available at:

libabigail is useful for
- Shared library developer: Do my changes break applications
linking to previous version of library ?
- Shared library user - Is my application still compatible with
the new version of the library ?

libabigail consists of DWARF reader, XML reader,
Comparison engine, XML writer and tools that are built using
libabigail's API, for instance bidiff.

Future directions:
- bicompat: Tool for application author to determine if their
application A is still compatible with an updated version of
library L, by examining undefined symbols of A that are
resolved by L.
- easier for automation: Friendly enough to be used from
- Support for uninstantiated templates.


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