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[GNU Tools Cauldron 2014] GCC and LLVM collaboration

   I have written notes on  "GCC and LLVM collaboration BOF"
presented at the Cauldron. I would be grateful if you would
review it for me.

GCC and LLVM Collaboration

Author: Renato Golin

    Motivation behind collaboration is to address problems that
are intrinsic to the compilation infrastructure, which cannot be
included in any standard (language, extension or
machine-specific), and have common solutions for at least
GCC and LLVM. The BOF focuses only on technical aspects,
and as such licensing issues, personal grudges and performance
are off-topic.

Collaboration shall help to protect users from any potential
disagreements that would take place among different
implementations. It aims for standardization regarding:
- compiler flags
- attributes
- extensions
- builtins
- Linker API

An implementation need not support all standard set of
features (for instance -Wfoo warning), emitting a
"not supported" diagnostic for that feature would be fine.

Common projects that may be collaborated on
- binutils
- glibc
- sanitizers
Sanitizers are a collaboration success story.


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