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Re: Prototype of a --report-bug option

On Tue, Jul 29, 2014 at 8:35 PM, David Malcolm <> wrote:
> At Cauldron on the Sunday morning there was a Release Management BoF
> session, replacing the specRTL talk (does anyone know what happened to
> the latter?)
> One of the topics was bug triage, and how many bug reports lacked basic
> metadata on e.g. host/build/target, reproducer etc.
> I suggested we could automate gathering this, and rashly promised to
> write a prototype in Python.  So here it is...
> The attached script demonstrates a way to generate a URL that, when
> followed, takes the user to the GCC Bugzilla "Enter Bug" page, with all
> pertinent fields prepopulated with meaningful data.  (run the script,
> and follow the URL; this uses the same server-side URLs as the "Remember
> values as bookmarkable template" BZ button).
> The idea is that the "gcc" driver program could gain a --report-bug
> feature that injects -save-temps into the options, disables plugins, and
> tries to reproduce a crash.  It then gives you the URL to click on,
> capturing the backtrace and embedding it into the form for you.
> Perhaps we could guess the "Component" based on the backtrace.
> I note that there doesn't seem to be a "trunk" entry for "Version".
> I am both proud of, and scared of, this idea: it could make it easy for
> people to file higher-quality bugs.  On the other hand, that means more
> bugs in the tracker... (they do at least need to be logged in).
> Note that this points users at the GCC bug tracker.  Presumably
> downstream packagers of GCC may want to customize such a feature to
> point at their bug trackers (e.g. at Red Hat we have our own bugzilla
> instance, with a different set of custom fields).

Heh...  I was hoping this would be a patch to the driver directly
(thus not a python script).  Note that I don't care too much about
the reproducing/-save-temps and backtrace for the driver option.
Of course in case of an ICE producing a proper bug-url with the
backtrace info included would even be better.


> Thoughts?
> Dave

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