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Ann: MELT plugin 1.1 release candidate 1 available

Dear All,

It is my please to announce the MELT plugin 1.1 release candidate 1 for
GCC 4.8 and 4.9 (hosted preferably on Linux).

MELT -see for more - is a domain specific language
and meta-plugin (free software GPLv3+ licensed, FSF copyrighted) to
easily extend and customize the GCC compiler.

The MELT plugin 1.1 release candidate 1 (for GCC 4.8 or 4.9, with major
updates since previous MELT plugin 1.0.2) is available (since july 26th,
2014) from 

as a bzip2-ed tar source file of md5sum
3b7ea46dddac2e81927c211ca6a90201, and of 3891814 bytes (3.8 Megabytes),
extracted from MELT branch svn revision 213071.

NEWS for 1.1 MELT plugin for GCC 4.8 & 4.9
[[july 2014]]
This is a major release (with perhaps some small incompatibilities
with previous MELT plugin releases).

   End-user improvements


   The module list files *.modlis accept conditioned extra
   modules. Within them, a line like
       ?findgimple xtramelt-ana-simple.optimized

   means that: if the mode is findgimple, load the xtramelt-ana-simple
   module in its optimized flavour.

   The predefined modules now are named libmelt*.melt for standard
   library modules and xtramelt*.melt for extra modules.

   Language improvements

   Add support for JSON (parsing and emitting JSON format) and
   JSONRPC2 client with TCP/IP transport. See
   This requires an UTF-8 locale.

  Several bug fixes, notably MELT-SFT-8. Better variadic binding.
  Many small improvements.


  The MODULE_IS_GPL_COMPATIBLE directive is now required to avoid
  warnings. Your modules should be GPL compatible, and state that with
  a directive like
     (MODULE_IS_GPL_COMPATIBLE <reason-string>)

for example

   Runtime improvements


   The old GTKmm (or Qt/Python) probe is becoming deprecated.  A
   partial support for JSON & JsonRpc2 client is available.  A
   web-based MELT monitor is in the works, but not yet released.


   Input channel handlers can be either paragraph oriented (like in
   previous MELT releases) or raw input.


   We don't use setjmp but C++ exceptions

   melt_walk_use_def_chains adapted for GCC 4.9, and compatibility with
GCC 4.9


   The successful modes list is printed.


   Nearly systematic use of hooks.


   Improved support of pragmas, with both REGISTER_EXPANDED_PRAGMA &


   Sorting primitives like multiple_sort are fully reentrant, so their
   compare routine might do a sort itself!


   Remove old option handling, REGISTER_OPTION is removed.


Bug and success reports are welcome on

(If I get no annoying critical bug report, I will release MELT plugin
1.1 in the next few days)


email: basile<at>starynkevitch<dot>net mobile: +33 6 8501 2359
8, rue de la Faiencerie, 92340 Bourg La Reine, France
*** opinions {are only mine, sont seulement les miennes} ***

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