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Re: Question about sysroot and fixincludes

Bionic headers prior to android-L (for L-preview) aren't changed
except for bug fixes since last major update in android-9 (gingerbread
era), the API level used to build all 32-bit NDK toolchains, so it
would be interesting to see how fixincluded differs should we use
different API level > 9.

Since JB, bionic is overhauled but not stable enough for NDK until
android-L.  It's very possible that fixincluded for andorid-9 is wrong
for android-L.  Do you have example?  We can fix up bionic headers for
all levels in NDK to make fixincluded consistent if not gone

On Wed, Jul 16, 2014 at 8:08 PM, Alexander Ivchenko <> wrote:
> Hi, I have a question about sysroot and fixincludes.
> On Android there are different API levels (like android-9, android-10
> etc) that match different versions of OS. Gcc from NDK is configured
> using sysroot for android-9 and the convenient way for compiling for,
> say, android-19 was by providing the sysroot to android-19 as a
> command line option (--sysroot).
> However, the header from the sysroot with which gcc was configured
> could be "fixincluded", and, when I provide a different sysroot as a
> command line option, "fixincluded" header could replace the actual
> header from the specified sysroot - that is the root-cause of certain
> problems.
> Should search in 'include-fixed' be disabled when sysroot command line
> option is specified?
> --Alexander


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