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[GSoC] generation from isl_ast_node_user

Hi Tobias,

I think that, according to the std::map feedback, we could use
std::map now and replace it with hash_map later, if its performance is
better. However, I propose to temporary postpone this and work on
gimple code generation from isl_ast_node_user, because we already have
generation of loops with empty bodies and generation from
isl_ast_node_user can be a problem. What do you think about this?

Could you please advise me an algorithm for computation of
substitutions? (ClooG uses its own algorithm for this and stores
substitutions in clast_user_stmt. There is an algorithm, which is used
in polly, but, honestly, I don't understand it.)

Could you please advise me how is it better to bind polly basic blocks
to a isl_ast_node_user? I'm using the following code now, but I'm not
sure if it is the right way:

bb_schedule = isl_map_intersect_domain (bb_schedule,
isl_set_copy (pbb->domain));
isl_id *dim_in_id = isl_map_get_tuple_id (bb_schedule, isl_dim_in);
isl_id *new_dim_in_id = isl_id_alloc (isl_id_get_ctx (dim_in_id),
isl_id_get_name (dim_in_id), pbb);
bb_schedule = isl_map_set_tuple_id (bb_schedule, isl_dim_in,

(I'm allocating an isl_id, which contains pointer to polly basic
blocks, while we're generating a isl_schedule.)

gcc_assert (isl_ast_node_get_type (node) == isl_ast_node_user);
isl_ast_expr *user_expr = isl_ast_node_user_get_expr (node);
isl_ast_expr *name_expr = isl_ast_expr_get_op_arg (user_expr, 0);
gcc_assert (isl_ast_expr_get_type (name_expr) == isl_ast_expr_id);
isl_id *name_id = isl_ast_expr_get_id (name_expr);
poly_bb_p pbb = (poly_bb_p) isl_id_get_user (name_id);

(I'm getting this information, while we're handling isl_ast_node_user)

                                   Cheers, Roman Gareev

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