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Re: Identify IEE

On Wed, Jul 2, 2014 at 11:13 PM, FX <> wrote:
> Iâve recently added IEEE support for the Fortran front-end and library. As part of that, the front-end should be able to determine which of the available floating-point types are IEEE-conforming [1]. Right now, Iâve taken a conservative approach and only considered the targetâs float_type_node and double_type_node as IEEE modes, but Iâd like to improve that (for example, to include long double and binary128 modes on x86).
> How can I determine, from a âstruct real_formatâ, whether it is an IEEE format or not? Iâve looked through gcc/real.{h,c} but could find no clear solution. If there is none, would it be okay to add a new bool field to the structure, named âieeeâ or âieee_formatâ, to discriminate?

The TARGET_FLOAT_FORMAT macro was removed here [1], and it is expected
that HONOR_* macros are used instead.

Perhaps the easiest way is to use
need to extend it to pass a mode to this hook. This way, target will
be able to signal if the mode is supported in the most flexible way.



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