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Re: regs_used estimation in IVOPTS seriously flawed

On Fri, Jun 20, 2014 at 5:01 AM, Bingfeng Mei <> wrote:

> As a short term solution, I tried some simple non-linear functions as Richard suggested
> to penalize using too many IVs. For example, the following cost in
> ivopts_global_cost_for_size fixed my regression and actually improves performance
> slightly over a set of benchmarks we usually use.
>   return size * (1 + size * 0.2)
>           + estimate_reg_pressure_cost (size, data->regs_used, data->speed,
>                                                        data->body_includes_call);
> The trouble is choice of this non-linear function could be highly target dependent
> (# of registers?). I don't have setup to prove performance gain for other targets.
> I also tried counting all SSA names and divide it by a factor. It does seem to work
> so well.
> Long term, if we have infrastructure to analyze maximal live variable in a loop
> at tree-level, that would be great for many loop optimizations.

I assume that you are going to parameterize the scaling so that it can
be tuned for each target.

Maybe Aaron's live range approximation can improve the estimate.

- David

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