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Re: [GSoC] How to get started with the isl code generation

On 18/06/2014 15:22, Roman Gareev wrote:
Hi Tobias,

I made a separate patch and rebased the previous one. They are
attached to this letter.

I am surprised. Are all these includes really needed to get _this_ patch
compile? (I asked this before).

I saw your previous comment related to this and the following includes
were removed: isl/list.h, isl/constraint.h, isl/ilp.h, isl/aff.h,
diagnostic-core.h, tree-ssa-loop-manip.h, tree-into-ssa.h,
tree-chrec.h, tree-scalar-evolution.h.

However, it seems that if we want to use the struct scop_p from
graphite-poly.h, we have to include sese.h, which requires
tree-data-ref.h, cfgloop.h, tree-ssa-loop.h, gimple-iterator.h,
gimple.h, is-a.h, gimple-expr.h, internal-fn.h, tree-ssa-alias.h,
basic-block.h, tree.h, coretypes.h, system.h, config.h

We also have to include tree-pass.h, if we want to use timevar_push,
timevar_pop to to measure elapsed time (it was used previously by

This is ugly, but there is little we can do about it. Maybe you can ask
on the mailing list if there is a way to write this in multiple lines?

The patch was reduced, but I didn't found out how to make the regexp
easier to read. I wrote about this to the community.

Nice. These patches look good to me.

One last question. How did you test them? Specifically, do they compile with the oldest isl version supported by gcc trunk? Or do we need to update isl as well?


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