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RE: implicit gnat_malloc seen as vararg function


I have more info concerning my gnat_malloc problem.

I watched the code in gcc/ada/gcc-interface/trans.c and found the location where malloc_decl tree is built.
In gigi ()function (trans.c:411), the ftype for malloc_decl is done this way :

  ftype = build_function_type_list (ptr_void_type_node, sizetype, NULL_TREE);

I looked at the code of build_function_type_list_1 in tree.c and found that stdargs function are built with their chained list of argument ending with a void_list_node :

      last = args;
      args = nreverse (args);
      TREE_CHAIN (last) = void_list_node;

But I also noticed that void_list_node was a null pointer!! instead of being a node with TREE_VALUE = void_type_node and no TREE_CHAIN  (as described in tree.h)
So I wondered, where should void_list_node be initialized in GNAT frontend and noticed that the initialization of void_list_node was done AFTER its use to declare ftype for malloc_decl.

ftype  for malloc_decl is initialized in gigi() function at trans.c:411  whereas void_list_node in only initialized in gigi() function at trans.c:665 by a call to gnat_install_builtins() ---> install_builtin_elementary_types()  --> void_list_node = build_void_list_node ();

It seems like a bug. Is it a known one ? someone has the proper fix ? I put the call to gnat_install_builtins() higher inside gigi() and it solve my current problem but I'm not sure exactly when it has to be called and if there are bad side effects.


Selim Belbachir

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