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Re: [RFC]Better support for big-endian targets in GCC vectorizer

On Tue, 27 May 2014, Bin.Cheng wrote:

> There are some other similar cases in vectorizer and all of them look
> suspicious since intuitively, vectorizer should neither care about
> target endianess nor do such shuffle.  Anyway, this is how we do
> vectorization currently.

Agreed.  The semantics of GIMPLE and RTL operations (and 
architecture-independent built-in functions / generic vectors extensions 
in GNU C) are meant to be architecture-independent and 
endianness-independent, generally (including that in GIMPLE and RTL, 
vector lane numbers always use array ordering).  I don't see anything in 
the definition of VEC_WIDEN_MULT_* in tree.def that would make those 
definitions endian-dependent.

Fixes should be on the basis of:

* Ensure the architecture-independent, endianness-independent semantics of 
the relevant GIMPLE and RTL operations are well-defined.

* Fix any code, whether in architecture-independent or 
architecture-dependent parts of the compiler, that deviates from those 
architecture-independent, endianness-independent semantics.  It's the back 
end's responsibility to map from those semantics to the semantics of the 
actual machine instructions.

It may be the case that on some architectures endianness affects what 
vector operations are available.  (Once you define how a particular vector 
machine mode is represented in registers, it could be the case that a load 
instruction means, in terms of GCC IR, "load" for one endianness but 
"permuting load" for the other endianness, for example - see the various 
past discussions of issues with big-endian NEON.)  But this isn't a case 
for the vectorizer caring about endianness - rather, it simply needs to 
ask the back end about the available operations, and adapt to what's 

Joseph S. Myers

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