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Re: use of sphinx/rest as source for GNAT doc

On 05/23/2014 08:47 PM, Arnaud Charlet wrote:

- the GNAT doc source would be in rest format (.rst files) instead
   of texinfo (.texi files)

What about the preprocessor for the VMS specifics?  Will it go away?

Yes, we are about to baseline VMS maintenance, and the VMS specific doc
will go away in any case.

Good to hear.

- we would still provide .texi files, generated automatically by the
   sphinx toolset (via 'make texinfo') and committed in the repository
   (similarly to configure vs, so end users
   would not have any extra dependency, and generation of documentation
   would still be possible from the .texi files directly

How stable is the output from Sphinx across versions?  Will this
potentially cause a lot of update churn?

I do not know, that can be investigated, although it's no different
from e.g. using different versions of autoconf (or requiring a specific

Hmm. Can virtualenv arrange for a specific sphinx version and its dependencies? Then it's likely not a big deal, even though it's less self-contained than autoconf.

Florian Weimer / Red Hat Product Security Team

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