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Re: use of sphinx/rest as source for GNAT doc

Thanks for the quick feedback!

> Given the long term maintenance issues around texlive/texinfo,
> investigation of other formats is wise.  The fact that sphinx can
> generate .texi files is a huge win from a flexibility standpoint.

Indeed. We've been looking for a possible replacement format for
texinfo for years at AdaCore with no success, and have finally found
sphinx and started using it. After several years of experience with sphinx
I must say we are very pleased.

> I'd support this as a pilot for converting the entire project.  The
> generated .texi files should have some kind of comment marker
> indicating they are generated from the .rst files and how to
> recreate them so that other maintainers can DTRT with the Ada docs
> as necessary.

Yes, definitely. We would provide all means to use sphinx directly as an
option (e.g. sphinx Makefiles or support files) so that everyone can
do e.g. 'make texinfo' or 'make html <other formats>' if they want to.


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