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Re: Roadmap for 4.9.1, 4.10.0 and onwards?

> On 05/20/14 04:09, Bruce Adams wrote:
> >Hi, I've been tracking the latest releases of gcc since 4.7 or so
> >(variously interested in C++1y support, cilk and openmp). One thing
> >I've found hard to locate is information about planned inclusions for
> >future releases. As much relies on unpredictable community
> >contributions I don't expect there to be a concrete or reliable plan.
> >However, equally I'm sure the steering committee have some ideas over
> >what ought to be upcoming releases. Is this published anywhere?
> The steering committee doesn't get involved in that aspect of
> development.  It's just not in the committee's charter.
> There is no single roadmap for the GCC project and that's a direct
> result of the decentralized development.
> Looking forward to the next major GCC release (4.10 or 5.0):
> At a high level, wrapping up the C++11 ABI transition is high on the
> list for the next major GCC release.  As is the ongoing efforts to
> clean up the polymorphism in gimple (and maybe RTL).  Those aren't
> really user visible features, but they're a ton of work.
> I'm hoping the Intel team can push the last remaining Cilk+ feature
> through (Cilk_for).  Jakub is working on Fortran support for
> OpenMP4. Others are working on OpenACC support.
> Richi's work on folding looks promising, but I'm not sure of its
> relative priority.  There's work to bring AArch64 and Power 8 to
> first class support...  Honza's work on IPA, etc etc.

For IPA/FDO I think we are on track to merge some of more interesting
Google's changes (autoFDO, perhaps LIPO and other FDO improvements) and
Martin's pass for merging identical code.

I am personally trying to focus on two things - first is to cleanup APIs of
symbol table and IPA infrastructure after the C++ conversion and try to get
things working well for LTO of large binaries - this is important change for
optimizers, since we go from units consisting of hundred functions to units
consiting of million of functions and heuristics needs to retune.
And I also hope we will continue pushing bits making LTO more transparent
and reliable (command line arguments, debug info etc.)

> C++14 support will continue to land as bits are written.
> I'm certainly missing lots of important stuff...
> WRT to gcc-4.9.1, like most (all?) point releases, it's primarily
> meant to address bugs in the prior release.  I wouldn't expect
> significant features to be appearing in 4.9.x releases.
> Jeff

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