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Re: Roadmap for 4.9.1, 4.10.0 and onwards?

On 05/20/14 04:09, Bruce Adams wrote:
Hi, I've been tracking the latest releases of gcc since 4.7 or so
(variously interested in C++1y support, cilk and openmp). One thing
I've found hard to locate is information about planned inclusions for
future releases. As much relies on unpredictable community
contributions I don't expect there to be a concrete or reliable plan.
However, equally I'm sure the steering committee have some ideas over
what ought to be upcoming releases. Is this published anywhere?
The steering committee doesn't get involved in that aspect of development. It's just not in the committee's charter.

There is no single roadmap for the GCC project and that's a direct result of the decentralized development.

Looking forward to the next major GCC release (4.10 or 5.0):

At a high level, wrapping up the C++11 ABI transition is high on the list for the next major GCC release. As is the ongoing efforts to clean up the polymorphism in gimple (and maybe RTL). Those aren't really user visible features, but they're a ton of work.

I'm hoping the Intel team can push the last remaining Cilk+ feature through (Cilk_for). Jakub is working on Fortran support for OpenMP4. Others are working on OpenACC support.

Richi's work on folding looks promising, but I'm not sure of its relative priority. There's work to bring AArch64 and Power 8 to first class support... Honza's work on IPA, etc etc.

C++14 support will continue to land as bits are written.

I'm certainly missing lots of important stuff...

WRT to gcc-4.9.1, like most (all?) point releases, it's primarily meant to address bugs in the prior release. I wouldn't expect significant features to be appearing in 4.9.x releases.


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