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Re: adding support for vxworks os variants

On May 19, 2014, at 15:41 , Olivier Hainque <> wrote:
> For vxsim or smp, having entirely separate toolchains with different triplets
> for so minor differences seemed overkill and impractical for users, so we have
> added "-vxsim" and "-vxsmp" command line options to our toolchains to help.
> We have done the same for the cert variants, with a "-vxcert" command line
> option, but wonder if a separate triplet wouldn't actually be better in this
> case.
> One small concern is that the system toolchains don't know about the new
> options, and we think that it might be of interest to minimize the interface
> differences.
> Thoughts ?

One point I forgot to mention: we have considered the use of external spec
files as an alternative strategy. We have started experimenting with it and
don't yet have a lot of feedback on this scheme.

Your opinion on this alternate option (how much more viable/flexible/acceptable
it would likely be) would be most appreciated.

I'm of course happy to provide extra details on what we have been doing if


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