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Re: Offload Library

Hello, Thomas!

On 16 May 19:30, Thomas Schwinge wrote:
> On Fri, 16 May 2014 15:47:58 +0400, Kirill Yukhin <> wrote:
> >         To support the offloading features for Intel's Xeon Phi cards
> > we need to add a foreign library (liboffload) into the gcc repository.
> As written in the README, this library currently is specific to Intel
> hardware (understandably, of course), and I assume also in the future is
> to remain that way (?) -- should it thus get a more specific name in GCC,
> than the generic liboffload?
Yes, this library generates calls to Intel specific Coprocessor offload
Interface (COI).
I think, that name of library maybe changed, and when Iâll submit the patch
We'll discuss it.

> > Additionally to that sources we going to add few headers [...]
> > and couple of new sources
> For interfacing with GCC, presumably.  You haven't stated it explicitly,
> but do I assume right that this work will be going onto the
> gomp-4_0-branch, integrated with the offloading work developed there, as
> a plugin for libgomp?
Not exactly. I was talking about COI emulator, which will allow to
perform testing of offload w/o any external library dependency and HW.
Libgomp <-> liboffload plug-in is also ready, but it need no such an approval,
so itâll be submitted as separate patch.

Thanks, K

> GrÃÃe,
>  Thomas

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