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RE: Using particular register class (like floating point registers) as spill register class

> >
> > Please can you try that on trunk and report back.
> OK, this is trunk, and I'm not longer seeing that happen.
> However, I am seeing:
>    0x0000007fb76dc82c <+160>:	adrp	x25, 0x7fb7c80000
>    0x0000007fb76dc830 <+164>:	add	x25, x25, #0x480
>    0x0000007fb76dc834 <+168>:	fmov	d8, x0
>    0x0000007fb76dc838 <+172>:	add	x0, x29, #0x160
>    0x0000007fb76dc83c <+176>:	fmov	d9, x0
>    0x0000007fb76dc840 <+180>:	add	x0, x29, #0xd8
>    0x0000007fb76dc844 <+184>:	fmov	d10, x0
>    0x0000007fb76dc848 <+188>:	add	x0, x29, #0xf8
>    0x0000007fb76dc84c <+192>:	fmov	d11, x0
> followed later by:
>    0x0000007fb76dd224 <+2712>:	fmov	x0, d9
>    0x0000007fb76dd228 <+2716>:	add	x6, x29, #0x118
>    0x0000007fb76dd22c <+2720>:	str	x20, [x0,w27,sxtw #3]
>    0x0000007fb76dd230 <+2724>:	fmov	x0, d10
>    0x0000007fb76dd234 <+2728>:	str	w28, [x0,w27,sxtw #2]
>    0x0000007fb76dd238 <+2732>:	fmov	x0, d11
>    0x0000007fb76dd23c <+2736>:	str	w19, [x0,w27,sxtw #2]
> which seems a bit suboptimal, given that these double registers now
> have
> to be saved in the prologue.

Thanks for doing that.  Many AArch64 improvements have gone in since
4.8 was released.

I think we'd have to see the output for the whole function to
determine whether that code is sane. I don't suppose the source
code is shareable or you have a testcase for this you can share?


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