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Re: RFC: Doc update for attribute

Thank you for your response. This is exactly what I wanted to know. One last question:

+While it
+is discouraged, it is possible to write your own prologue/epilogue code
+using asm and use ``C'' code in the middle.
I wouldn't remove the last sentence since IMO it's not the intent of the feature
to ever support that and the compiler doesn't guarantee it and may result
in wrong code given that `naked' is a fragile low-level feature.

I'm assuming you meant "would remove."

I wasn't comfortable including that sentence, but I was following the existing docs. Since they said you could "only" use basic asm, following that with a warning to "avoid" locals/if/etc was really confusing without this text.

Also, as ugly as this is, apparently some people really do this (comment 6):

We don't have to doc every crazy thing people try to do with gcc. But since it's out there, maybe we should this time? If only to discourage it.

I'm *slightly* more in favor of keeping it. But if you still feel it should go, it's gone.


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