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Re: Using particular register class (like floating point registers) as spill register class

On 2014-05-16, 6:23 AM, Kugan wrote:
I would like to know if there is anyway we can use registers from
particular register class just as spill registers (in places where
register allocator would normally spill to stack and nothing more), when
it can be useful.

In AArch64, in some cases, compiling with -mgeneral-regs-only produces
better performance compared not using it. The difference here is that
when -mgeneral-regs-only is not used, floating point register are also
used in register allocation. Then IRA/LRA has to move them to core
registers before performing operations as shown below.

	fmov	s1, w8                 <--
	mov	w21, 49622
	movk	w21, 0xca62, lsl 16
	add	w21, w16, w21
	add	w21, w21, w2
	eor	w10, w0, w10
	add	w10, w21, w10
	ror	w8, w7, 27
	add	w7, w10, w8
	ror	w7, w7, 27
	fmov	w0, s1                 <--
	add	w7, w0, w7
	add	w13, w13, w7
	fmov	w0, s4                 <--
	add	w0, w0, w20
	fmov	s4, w0                 <--
	ror	w18, w18, 2
	fmov	w0, s2                 <--
	add	w0, w0, w18
	fmov	s2, w0                 <--
	add	w12, w12, w27
	add	w14, w14, w15
	mov	w15, w24
	fmov	x0, d3                 <--
	subs	x0, x0, #1
	fmov	d3, x0                 <--
	bne	.L2
	fmov	x0, d0                 <--


In this case, costs for allocnos calculated by IRA based on the cost
model supplied by the back-end is like:
a0(r667,l0) costs: GENERAL_REGS:0,0 FP_LO_REGS:3960,3960
FP_REGS:3960,3960 ALL_REGS:3960,3960 MEM:3960,3960

Thus, changing the cost of floating point register class is not going to
help. If I increase further, register allocated will just spill these
live ranges to memory and will ignore floating point register in this case.

Is there any other back-end in gcc that does anything to improve cases
like this, that I can refer to?

There is a target hook spill_class. You can see how can it be defined in i386.c. Instead of memory, the pseudos are stored in vector regs. It is profitable for modern Intel processors which have a fast path between general regs and SSE regs. It results in generation of smaller code too as movd is shorter than ld/st insns.

So you can increase costs of fp regs and define the hook, then fp regs will be used for pseudos not getting general regs and fmov will be generated instead of ld/st.

I am working on improving spilling general regs into vector ones. So I hope there will be more cases when GCC does it.

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