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[GSoC] How to get started with the isl code generation

Hi Roman,

as you already look very actively through the graphite code, I was wondering if you already have an idea how to start with the implementation? It is obviously a good idea to first browse the code and get a general picture of the existing implementation as it helps to get a good picture of what is needed and to avoid writing unneeded code. Hudging from the questions you ask you seem to understand precisely what is going on (you spot many bugs just by inspection), so this is good.

On the other side, I think it is a good idea to simultaneously keep track of the design you have in mind and the first steps you are planning to take. Even though the full design may still need some time, some basic decisions can probably already be taken and maybe even implemented. Staying in some way close to the coding you will do,
may be helpful to direct your code inspections to areas of code that
will be important for your implementation.

E.g. just setting up a second code generation in parallel that does
minimal work (generates no code at all), but that can be enabled by a command line flag might be a first start.


P.S.: If your wiki account is still not writeable, could you ask on the mailing list for a fix?

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