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Re: RFA: speeding up

On Feb 13, 2014, at 1:18 AM, Richard Sandiford <> wrote:
> This patch tries to reduce that by providing an alternative single-script
> version.

> Python isn't yet required and I'm pretty sure this script needs 2.6
> or later.

> I'm also worried that the seek/tell stuff might not work on
> Windows.

> OK to install?

So, my intent is to approve this, but, I do want to give people a chance to argue against python if they care to.  I think python is at least as fine as tcl, or better, and this script is only used during test suite running, so the impact on the minimum requirements is only for those that run the test suite.  Additionally, falling back I think is nice in the short term (a year or two), if someone finds something disastrous, they can just flip it back to the old way.  If the new way is maintained and works well, I’d like to remove the old version.  This gives people a bit of time try it on windows and other platforms and get it working.  Seems like that should be sufficient.  If all goes well, after that, I’d like to remove the old way entirely.

Let’s give people 4 or 5 days to weigh in.  Absent objections, Ok.  If there are some, we’ll consider all the points raised and then approve or not.  Thanks for the work.

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