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Re: Support to OpenACC and OpenMP 4.0 in GCC 4.9

Hi Paolo!

On Sat, 26 Apr 2014 12:09:01 +0200, Paolo Leoni <> wrote:
> I'm a graduating Physics student from Italy. I'm actually working on
> accelerators devices like GPU and Intel MIC, with a focus on OpenACC
> api.

Are you primarily a user of OpenACC, or also interested in helping
implement it in GCC?

> I'm very interested to OpenACC support in GCC, I know that there is a
> branch that contains a basic implementation for it.

There's the openacc-1_0-branch, which Samsung had been using to implement
OpenACC 1.0 with GIMPLE -> OpenCL translation, and there's the
gomp-4_0-branch where several stakeholders are now implementing
offloading (as libgomp plugins; used for both OpenACC and OpenMP's target
construct), OpenACC, and the missing bits of OpenMP 4 (which has been the
branch's original purpose).

> How can I build gcc with this branch?

Check out the branch, and build it; just like trunk or a release.

> What is the actual status of openacc implementation?

"Work in progress".  :-) Not yet suitable for real-world code.

> With a similar interest, I would like to merging support to OpenMP 4.0
> "target" directives, I know that actually only host is used as fallback...

That's correct.  The offloading code will be merged into trunk once its
"ready" -- difficult to be more precise, right now.


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