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Re: C PreProcessor GCC-specific features ideas.


Ian is right, m4 corresponds better to what you've got in mind....

Your idea (strengthening the preprocessing phase) of C is already
(mostly) implemented : it is called Cawen. Please have a look at :

In short : C99 + m4 = Cawen

And your idea is a very good one !

It is almost frightening to see what can be done with a little type
introspection, a serious preprocessing phase, very few builtin
patterns and good old C99 : namely all the C++ present and future
magic tricks written in a more elegant style + a much more powerful
templating system + a much easier profiling and runtime analysis
(Cawen produces C, not C++)...

Our first benchmarks aren't that bad :

At the moment, we lack resources to create an open source project and
we use Cawen as an internal tool.

Best regards


2014-04-23 2:18 GMT+02:00 Ian Lance Taylor <>:
> On Tue, Apr 22, 2014 at 9:38 AM, Solal <> wrote:
>> I've got ideas for improve the preprocessor with specific features.
>> The basic idea is to make the preprocessing language a complete
>> programming language.
> We are very unlikely to add such features to GCC unless they first
> become part of the C or C++ language standard.
> There are other preprocessors better suited for general purpose
> programming, such as m4.
> Ian

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