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[GSoC] Status - 20140415

Hi Community,

We have accepted 5 top-rated student proposals for this year's Google Summer of Code at GCC.  Students, congratulations on your good work thus far, but don't relax, there is plenty of work ahead!

The accepted proposals are below.  The proposals will appear as "Accepted" on the GSoC website after April 21st when de-duplication process finishes (till that point proposals will be in shown as "Pending").

Generating folding patterns from meta description
  - Student: Prathamesh Kulkarni
  - Mentor: Richard Biener
  - Backup mentor: Diego Novillo

Integration of ISL code generator into Graphite
  - Student: Roman Gareev
  - Mentor: Tobias Grosser
  - Backup mentor: TBD

Concepts Separate Checking
  - Student: Braden Obrzut
  - Mentor: Andrew Sutton
  - Backup mentor: TBD

GCC Go escape analysis
  - Student: Ray Li
  - Mentor: Ian Lance Taylor
  - Backup mentor: Diego Novillo

Coarray support in GNU GFortran
  - Student: Alessandro Fanfarillo
  - Mentor: Tobias Burnus
  - Backup mentor: TBD

Students, for some of you this will be your first dive into open-source development in a large community.  Therefore, some ground rules for communications:

1. Your mentor is your primary contact.  Most of your emails should be TO: <your-mentor-email-address>.

2. Please CC:, your backup mentor, and myself (GSoC GCC admin) on your emails.  I know it may be scary and awkward to post publicly your first few messages, but -- trust me -- it will become second nature very soon.

3. Prefix your email subjects with "[GSoC]" so that it is easy for people scanning mailing lists and their inboxes to see your messages.

4. Use main #gcc channel on for discussions and don't be tempted into going 1-on-1 private chats with your mentor unless really necessary.

5. Mentors!  Should your student forget to CC: the mailing list or accidentally start a private chat -- gently remind him/her of that and move the discussion into the public forum.

The next month will be community bonding period where students should get comfortable working in GCC community and figure out how to get stuff done.  To this end mentors and I will be assigning simple test tasks (fixing easy PRs, documentation fixes, etc) which will result in a committed patch.

Any questions, comments or suggestions?

I will send next status update in the middle of next week.

Thank you,

Maxim Kuvyrkov

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