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Re: [Code Generation] Multi-target

Michael Eager <> writes:
> On 04/06/14 05:29, Claudia Henriques wrote:
>> Hi everybody!
>> My name is Claudia and I am currently working on my master's thesis.
>> I am working with an embedded system, so part of my code will target
>> microblaze, while the remaining
>> code will target x86_64. I would like to know if anybody is able to
>> provide me some work and/or
>> documentation (i.e., anything) about code generation for multiple
>> targets in gcc.
> There is extensive documentation about code generation
> in the GCC manual.  See
> or  Also the GCC
> Wiki:
> Of course, you can always read the source code.
> Let me know if you have specific questions about MicroBlaze.

I think the question was more about whether it was possible to build a
single GCC that supports two targets.  If so, the answer's that it isn't
possible at the moment.  Things are slowly moving in that direction,
but it's not clear whether it'll ever happen.  For targets as different
as x86_64(-linux-gnu?) and microblaze it's probably always going to be
better to build two separate GCCs anyway.


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